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K-State Slate: 11.28.11




K-State Football

It's interesting that so much focus is being placed on K-State's improvement against the run on defense, when the passing statistics are nearly as bad as the rushing statistics were last season.

K-State remains No. 11 in the BCS rankings. Notably, Michigan's win over Ohio State did not push the Wolverines into the BCS top 14, where they would need to be for at-large consideration. It's possible the Wolverines could move into the top 14 after the SEC and Big 10 championship games next weekend, but it's not guaranteed. The most important game for K-State fans is probably the C-USA championship game. If Houston loses at home to Southern Miss, the Cougars will plummet from at-large consideration, which could open up a spot for K-State. Of course, all of that is a moot point if K-State doesn't beat Iowa State in Manhattan next Saturday.

Big 12 Football

KU fired Turner Gill yesterday. KU still owes Gill $6 million, and it's entirely possible that it will be paying three football coaches (Mark Mangino, Gill and whomever they hire) and two athletic directors (Lew Perkins and Sheahon Zenger) next season. I guess we know what KU will be doing with its buyout money from Missouri and Texas A&M.

During KU's coaching search, keep in mind that it's not only who's available, it's also who is hiring. As of right now, KU will be competing with Illinois, Penn State, UAB, Memphis and Washington State. It's very possible that Ohio State, Arizona State and UCLA will also be looking for replacements, and there are rumors that Texas A&M may can Mike Sherman. That's a lot of competition for a cash-strapped basketball school.

Word leaked last night that there was a flight en route from the Florida Keys, which is where Mike Leach lives, and Lawrence. Media actually showed up at the Lawrence airport, hair care and tire center, only to find that Leach was not aboard the flight. Welcome to modern media coverage of coaching searches.

K-State Volleyball

K-State earned an at-large berth in the NCAA volleyball tournament. The Wildcats will play on familiar territory at the NU Coliseum in Lincoln, Neb., and will face in-state foe Wichita State this Thursday. If the Wildcats beat Wichita State, they will most likely face Big 10 champion Nebraska in the second round. Big congrats to coach Suzie Fritz for getting her team back in the NCAA tournament.