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K-State Slate: 11.17.11




This will be short and sweet.

K-State Football

For the first time in conference play, K-State will play a team very much like itself when it travels to Austin on Saturday.

Barking Carnival scouts the Wildcats, and I'd have to say he's right on.

Here's an excellent breakdown of what K-State tries to do, especially defensively.

Collin Klein makes Bill's Heisman Trophy Watch list.

The Wildcats check in at No. 17 in this week's BlogPoll.

K-State Women's Basketball

Jalana Childs led K-State pats BYU. Yeah, pats? Why do you ask?

K-State Volleyball

Iowa State swept K-State in Ames.

The Penn State Scandal

This is more than a week old now, but somehow I missed it (somehow, haha). It's Scipio Tex with probably the best analysis of the Penn State scandal I've seen.