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K-State Slate: 11.10.11




K-State Football

Allen Chapman's middle name is Furious, literally. He's also been a big boost when K-State goes to its nickel defense against spread offenses.

In case you hadn't already heard, Tyler Lockett is the third Lockett to play at K-State.

K-State Volleyball

K-State defeated No. 25 Oklahoma in five sets last night. Has any team in the country played more five-set matches?

College Football

Both the Numerical and the Alphabetical are up this week.

Chuck Neinas senses that the BCS may do away with AQ status in the near future.

The Penn State Scandal

Penn State's Board of Trustees voted to fire Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier.

The announcement led to a turnout of students in Happy Valley, although I'd hesitate to call what happened a true riot. Still, for those who were "rioting" or "demonstrating," I hope you really thought about what you were rioting or demonstrating against. A football coach was fired. This isn't Vietnam or Apartheid or the National Guard gunning down your fellow students. It's a football coach.