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K-State Slate: 10.7.11




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It's going to be a busy day on the front page today. We'll try not to bury new content, but there's a lot going on.

K-State Football

Today is Bill Snyder's 72nd birthday. Together with Arthur Brownhe has transformed K-State football.

K-State embraces its role as a home underdog against 2-2 Missouri.

It's been a rough process, but Chris Harper is settling into his role as a go-to wide receiver.

Missouri knows the rush is coming from K-State, but is wary of a surprise.

Bill goes beyond the box score for the game this weekend, and comes to the conclusion that it should be pretty close.

Big 12 Adds Texas Christian

Texas Christian University will become the 10th member of the Big 12.

Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News reported yesterday that a majority of the SEC presidents favor adding Missouri, but that majority falls short of the nine votes needed to add a school. Apparently, there's a faction that wants to look east for an addition, which probably means West Virginia.

There was a lot of other stuff "reported" on Twitter yesterday, including the possibility that the Big 12 would stay with 10 schools, that BYU is off the table, and other things. For even more realignment links, check out Bill's realignment links post when it goes live in an hour or two. But if you're commenting over there, please be respectful. I can understand the frustration with what Missouri is doing as an institution, but it's really not worth getting into cyber fights, especially on someone else's blog.