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K-State Slate: 10.5.11




K-State Football

If there's such a property as "clutch" in sports, then K-State is definitely clutch this year. Sound play in pressure situations is a product of confidence and a mindset that you'll be able to execute under pressure. Credit the coaching staff as much as anything for instilling this belief in the players.

According to a report, Bryce Brown is done with college football and will enter the NFL Draft. I'm to the point where I'm seriously worried about this kid. If he really is doing this, then not only is he making bad decisions on his own, but he's not getting good advice. So far this year, he's demonstrated that he can't hold on to the football, can't block, and can't run pass routes. Sounds like all the qualities an NFL scout will be looking a player he doesn't want to draft.

Haskin has his musings at the midweek. Interesting that this is the first year since 1996 that K-State has started with two home conference games. I knew it seemed like it had been a while.

Bill gives K-State's win over Baylor the Study Hall treatment.

College Football

Check out this week's Alphabetical and Numerical.

Bill Snyder channels his inner DMX. It should go without saying that there's a serious language warning associated with this.

Big 12 Basketball

Missouri senior Laurence Bowers will miss the season with a torn ACL.

Conference Realignment

The University of Missouri's Board of Curators gave chancellor Brady Deaton full authority to make decisions regarding conference affiliation. Deaton also stepped down as chairman of the Big 12 Conference's Board of Directors.

KU's Bill Self does not want to continue playing Missouri if they leave the conference. Good for Self.

It's pretty amazing, but in just one short year, a lot of Missouri fans have become Nebraska fans. I don't mean that they cheer for the team that just got pasted by Wisconsin, 48-17. No, they've become the fans who found all kinds of stupid things to complain about that to try and justify their schools' decision. A prominent KC radio personality this morning has cited the fact that Missouri's homecoming game against Iowa State next weekend is not on TV as evidence of the Big 12's inequity. That's laughable. You mean, a game against 2-2 Missouri and a 3-1 Iowa State team that just got annihilated at home by Texas wasn't seen as an attractive TV option? Sorry, but nobody cares about your homecoming game. It's just like Nebraska fans complaining that the conference offices moved to Dallas. Seriously, who gives a frack?

The same KC radio host talked about the KU Sports article above and said that the death of the Border War would be on KU's hands if that occurs. In other words, he's now channeling Texas A&M fans, who somehow think it's Texas' fault that the Lone Star Showdown may no longer be played after the Aggies move to the SEC.