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Missouri Will Explore All Options for Conference Affiliation

After meeting for nearly four hours today, the University of Missouri's Board of Curators announced it will delegate all authority with regard to conference affiliation to chancellor J. Brady Deaton. In Texas A&M's case, similar action resulted in the school leaving its current conference, whereas in Oklahoma's case, the Sooners ended up staying put.

At this point, it comes down to whether the SEC truly wants Mizzou before a Big 12 breakup occurs. You would think that the school's board would have enough information indicating that was the case before going through the public spectacle of delegating authority to its chancellor, because Missouri is going to end up with a farm full of egg on its face if it turns out the SEC doesn't want it.

While I never underestimate Mizzou's ability to do something silly and end up with egg on its face, I'm guessing they're already out the door.

God I hope we kick their ass Saturday.