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K-State Slate: 10.4.11



Due to technical difficulties, today's Slate is both late and incomplete. Thanks, Comcast.

You probably noticed that the Postgame Reaction post was nowhere to be found last night. I reviewed the game film, but other obligations prevented me from finishing the post. It will be up today. Promise. Seriously, promise.

K-State Football

Bill Snyder is not surprised that K-State opened as an underdog at home to Missouri this weekend. I bet he's not unhappy, either.

With the win over Baylor, K-State is now No. 4 in David Ubben's power rankings. Ubben also projects the Wildcats to the Holiday Bowl.

Conference Realignment

After a weekend meeting, the Big 12 announced an agreement to share equally all revenue from Tier 1 and Tier 2 media contracts. The all-important grant of rights was also discussed, and interim commissioner Chuck Neinas said a grant longer than six years was discussed and not rejected.

ESPN's David Ubben offers a refreshing counterpoint to the rest of the "Mizzou Media" -- think the DeArmonds, 810's Steven St. John, Dennis Dodd, Clay Travis, and others -- who have beat the SEC drum and whipped at least some segment of the Mizzou fanbase into a frenzy about what a great idea a move to the SEC would be.