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K-State Slate: 10.28.11




Last night, the buttoned-up, well-run, strong-leadered SEC accidentally posted a story on its Web site announcing Missouri as the league's 14th member, before the story was predictably pulled about 30 minutes later. Oddly, the story was dated last Saturday, and referred to an announcement by Mike Slive on Monday. Of course, it's probably an elaborate hoax by a K-State fan, probably from BOTC, who is butthurt about Missouri leaving. 

K-State Football

Check out Curtis Kitchen's Big 12 rankings. K-State checks in at No. 3.

It only took six or seven wins, but K-State's stock is climbing among the oddsmakers and pollsters. Love the infographic with this story.

In these troubled times, K-State's hot start is good for the Big 12. Did you hear that Oklahoma? DON'T MESS UP A GOOD THING.

Is there really any fear that K-State has used up all its surprises? With the Scheme Doctor at the helm, you never know what's next.

Even if you can't say Bill Snyder is the best college football coach, you definitely have to consider him in the conversation. The next three weeks could solidify Snyder's argument and move K-State up the BCS rankings.

K-State Basketball

In a counterclaim against his former agent, Michael Beasley alleges that his mother, Fatima Smith, received improper benefits from former agent Joel Bell while he was at K-State. We'll have more on this next week, but for a look at the general issues facing college basketball in situations such as this, see Morse's post yesterday.

Predictably, K-State issued a "no comment" statement yesterday in response to the Beasley situation.

Texas A&M's new basketball coach, Billy Kennedy, took a medical leave of absence earlier this month. Apparently, he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.