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K-State Slate: 10.25.11

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K-State Football

In an attempt to make Oklahoma less mad coming into this weekend's game in Manhattan, Bill Snyder is going to send the Oklahoma coaching staff jokes from the newspaper each day. How quaint, reading a paper newspaper.

Tyler Lockett is the Big 12 special teams player of the week after his 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against KU. That's two in a row for K-State after Raphael Guidry won the award for his two blocked field goals against Texas Tech.

BOTC Stuff

In a shameless move to increase his Twitter following a move to interact more with the readers of this site, Pan is opening himself up to your questions on Twitter. Follow him @PJ_BOTC and ask him about life, love or maybe even sports.

The Missouri Saga f/k/a Conference Realignment

Missouri did not withdraw, conditionally or otherwise, from the Big 12 yesterday, as was expected. This means either that Missouri can't make up its mind, or Gabe DeArmond is relying on terrible sources for his reporting. It's anyone's guess at this point. Of course, given that Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton is wishing the Big 12 "the best and all that," it's probably more accurate to say that Missouri hasn't withdrawn...yet.

The first link above indicates that the Big 12 board of directors discussed creating a conference network at yesterday's regularly scheduled meeting. That led to the creation last night of one of the greatest Twitter hashtags ever, #Big12NetworkShows.

Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard believes everyone's in agreement that only one school will be added if Missouri leaves.

Barking Carnival thinks 10 schools is the optimal conference size. I can see the steam coming out of Pan's ears as he reads this.