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Postgame Celebration Thread: K-State Destroys KU

While K-State didn't command the huge point spread Oklahoma State and Oklahoma did against KU, the Wildcats would have covered both of the Sooner State lines from the last two weeks. After a bit of a sluggish start, K-State exploded for 24 points in the second quarter and 21 in the third, including a kickoff return for touchdown by Tyler Lockett to open the second half.

Even more impressively, K-State's defense dominated the KU offense. Prior to KU's meaningless 87-yard touchdown drive to finish the game, the Jayhawks had gained only 227 total yards. As a team, KU netted only 104 rushing yards. As usual, K-State won the battle in the hidden yardage categories, returning a kickoff for a touchdown, committing only one penalty, and recovering two KU fumbles without turning it over themselves.

In the last two meetings, K-State has now beat KU a combined 118-28. This is your celebration and rest-of-the-day thread.

Go Cats!