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K-State Slate: 10.21.11




K-State Football

Yeah, we get it. K-State won't look past KU. I don't think any of us thought that would happen. When your in-state rival is good, you should be hyper-focused on beating them. When they're not good, you should be hyper-focused on trying to beat them badly.

Unsurprisingly, Meek and Haskin find that K-State has the edge in the matchup breakdown.

Rock Chalk Talk has the tale of the tape for the Sunflower Showdown CIX. Stay tuned later today for Q&As between the two sites.

K-State Basketball

Big 12 basketball media day was yesterday. K-State's media guide, featuring four photos of Frank Martin, was the hit of the show.

Frank is a big Bill Snyder fan. There's just so much love over at Bramlage Coliseum these days.

The Missouri Saga f/k/a Conference Realignment

The 12th Man Magazine has a long Q&A with Texas A&M President R. Bowen (Tie) Loftin, in which he says Texas was talking to the Pac-10 before the Big 10 even announced it was exploring expansion and analogizes Baylor's refusal to surrender its right to sue the SEC for tortious interference to the Berlin Wall. Those Aggies are so good at keeping things in perspective.

Missouri's board of curators met yesterday at UMKC, and went into executive session toward the end of the day, presumably to discuss conference affiliation. When they were done, they snuck out a back door to avoid the assembled media horde. Not that they were expected to make a definitive announcement either way, but I think it's kind of funny that they snuck out to avoid engaging the media.

Blair Kerkhoff tries, and fails, to make the case for the Big 12 basketball tournament remaining in Kansas City, MISSOURI, even if the University of Missouri leaves the conference. Just stop. It's not going to happen.

Sam Mellinger has a thoughtful look at what both Missouri and the Big 12 Conference could have done to avoid this situation.