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K-State Slate: 10.13.11




K-State Football

Saturday will be the first meeting between Tommy Tuberville and Bill Snyder. Tuberville knows his team won't be overwhelmed by K-State's star power, but will have its hands full with the K-State rushing attack.

Collin Klein and Arthur Brown are the unquestioned leaders of the Wildcats, but others are starting to take on leadership roles, too.

Over at Double T Nation, Jim Adler The Texas Hammer -- if you've never lived there, sorry, you won't get it -- answers questions and gives life advice, including helping some Tech fans out with this weekend's matchup. Make sure you get his business card in case you ever get hit by a tractor trailer in Texas.

Chris Harper is confident that K-State will be just fine in Lubbock if they just do what they do.

College Football

The NCAA's investigation into Auburn is over, and no major rules violations were found.

K-State ranks 14th in this week's BlogPoll, and leads the ballot as the team that spurs the most disagreement. Impressively, that disagreement is not driven by our own BracketCat, who ranks K-State one spot above its poll average.

Conference Realignment

Interesting headline here. K-State president Kirk Schulz talks about realignment as though it were over. With Missouri still trying to make up its mind, and more additions to be made to the Big 12, a lot is yet to be decided.