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K-State Slate: 10.12.11




K-State Football

Despite being undefeated, K-State would like to show more big-play ability on offense.

Bill goes beyond the box score to break down K-State's win over Missouri.

The Big 12 is young again, and K-State is its unlikeliest success story.

David Ubben has his midseason review for K-State.

K-State's start is legitimate. That's not to say there aren't losses in the future, particularly with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State looming, but the Wildcats have found a formula that works.

College Football

Bill's Numerical is up now.

Texas Tech's starting running back, Eric Stephensmay be out for the season with a knee injury.

Conference Realignment

Chuck Neinas believes the Big 12 will be a 10-team league next year, regardless of Missouri's decision regarding the SEC. Given the lack of movement out of the SEC's last two meetings, I get the feeling he's probably right. He also expressed doubt regarding the Missouri report that the Tigers would earn $12 million more per year in the SEC. While I grant that Neinas has an agenda to keep Mizzou in the Big 12, some Missouri fans seem to dismiss the reality that whomever drafted Missouri's report had a bias toward getting MU to move to the SEC. Pan did a good job yesterday explaining the reality of the numbers. At minimum, I'm skeptical of the Missouri report's claims.