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K-State Slate: 10.11.11




K-State Football

In both his stints as K-State coach, year three has been the turning point for Bill Snyder's programs. Last time, it was a close loss to Nebraska. We'll have to wait to see what this Year Three holds.

Excellent article from Smart Football's Chris Brown on how New Orleans is using Darren Sproles.

Big 12 Conference

TCU held a press conference last night to announce it will officially join the Big 12. Also of note, the SEC presidents held a regularly scheduled meeting yesterday and did nothing regarding expansion. Don't worry, Mizzou, they'll call. Probably.

Missouri believes a renegotiated SEC TV contract could lead to a $12 million increase in conference income. I hope Pan gets around to finishing his post on how unlikely that is.

The vandals/pranksters who defaced one of Texas A&M's buses in Lubbock over the weekend used shoe polish and fish bait, not spray paint and excrement, as A&M AD Bill Byrne claimed.

College Football

Arizona fired Mike Stoops after a 1-5 start to his eighth season in Tucson. Very odd timing, to say the least.

Don't miss this week's Alphabetical. No Numerical yet, but Bill has a good piece on whether K-State, Illinois, Rutgers or Wake Forest could crash the BCS party.