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BLOGPOLL TOP 25: Unlikely 5-0

If you had told me a year ago that a television remake of "Hawaii 5-0" would make it to a second season — and even more inexplicably, attract an actor the caliber of Terry O'Quinn — I would have laughed you out of the room.

And if you had told me then that Bill Snyder 2.0 would make it five games into his third season unscathed, I would have told you to please stand over here while I call the nice authorities to come take you away in a straitjacket.

Yet here we stand at 5-0, the unlikeliest of undefeated teams based on preseason expectations. How 'bout that.

Follow the jump to see what the latest round of K-State veni, vidi, victory did for the Cats in my newest ballot, though I make no guarantees of a similar move in the aggregate SB Nation BlogPoll, obviously.

Some writers dubbed the weekend that was: Blowout Saturday. A fairly apt description, that, as there were very few of what we normally would call "upsets."

Thus, only slight shuffling this week, and not the full-blown reorganization I had going on last week.

I saw enough of Arkansas and K-State to boost them over undefeated teams Stanford and Illinois, respectively, because the latter two teams haven't played anybody (hell, Illinois hasn't even been on the road yet) of substance.

Texas falling was obvious, but the fall was less drastic in my poll because I never bought into the Longhorns like all those idiot AP and ESPN/USA Today voters. Seriously, you guys thought Texas was a top-10 team? LMAO.

And then there's Nebraska. I SO badly wanted to drop the Huskers out by virtue of the two-loss rule, and for two and a half blissful quarters, that vision nearly was reality. Then Ohio State woke up and remembered that it sucks.

But since unparalleled and obscene lethargy over the course of 6.5 quarters of football can't go completely unpunished, can it? Down you go, Nebraska!

Florida and Auburn drop out with a second loss apiece, and now will play each other this week to determine who never will sniff this ballot again this year.

(My money's on Florida, which is why I defeated a momentary temptation to keep the Gators in my poll at No. 25 — until I remembered that they haven't beat anyone of substance, either.)

Texas Tech falls out because the only reason it even was in was the goose egg that was shattered by the manure- fishbait-slathered Aggies.

In come Michigan State (probably overdue), Penn State (don't look now, but the Nittany Lions have one of the best defenses in the country) and, aw, what the hell... Wake Forest, come on down!