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K-State Slate: 1.6.11




In his Midweek Musings, Kevin Haskin opines that the fallout from The Salute is a bonus.  I agree.  We talked about it last week, but bowl games that aren't the national championship game (and maybe the other BCS games) are really just glorified exhibition games.  Extra practice time and media exposure are the goals.  K-State got both, and a lot of positive media exposure from The Salute.  To be certain, the media exposure generated was far better than that for a school about 140 miles north, as we shall see in a bit.

Austin Meek has his Postseason Superlatives.

Texas has a replacement for Will Muschamp.  Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is UT's new Coach Boom.

With the Big 12 opener this Saturday against Oklahoma State, keep an eye on Cowboys Ride for Free.

Interesting story out of Nebraska.  Bo Pelini gave a Navy seaman a field pass and game jersey for the Holiday Bowl, and also promised Morgan Ryan (from Minden, Neb., where I spent last weekend for Christmas/New Year's with my family) that he could call a play during the game.  Of course, the game went badly for Nebraska, Pelini was pissed off, and Ryan didn't get to call a play.  Afterward, Pelini claimed that it was a joke, and he never intended to let Ryan call a play.  Watch the video, I can tell you I wouldn't have been able to tell from Pelini's tone that the play-calling thing was a joke.  Now, I can't say a lot for the tone of the writer's story, but regardless Pelini comes off like a jackass.