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K-State Slate: 1.4.11




In his first game back from suspension, Jacob Pullen lead K-State to a 92-61 win over Savannah State.  Pullen played his best game of the season, scoring 24 points on 9-11 shooting (4-6 3-pt.).

Against North Florida, Wally Judge threw a salute as a nod to Adrian Hilburn.  I like to hear that our athletes have each other's backs.

Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert will enter this year's NFL Draft.  Thank. God.

The Stanford band was not allowed to play in the Orange Bowl halftime show because they might have said something mean about LeBron James.

Here we go again at Ohio State.  Terrelle Pryor has been pulled over three times in Columbus while driving cars owned by a Columbus used-car lot or an employee there.  Who knew that could be an issue?