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Wally Judge Leaves K-State Basketball Program

One of the more celebrated recruits in K-State's recent history is no longer a member of the Wildcat program, as Wally Judge is leaving K-State for unspecified, though likely personal, reasons. It's unknown at this point where Judge will transfer.

Judge's departure marks easily the lowest point of an already disastrous season for K-State. Most of us had reached the point where we had come to terms with writing this season off as a failure, even one of epic proportions. What we now must stomach is the fact that the next few years are looking darker as well. As undeveloped as Judge was in his sophomore season, he still represented the K-State player with the highest ceiling.

It's also now obvious that Frank Martin needs to make some adjustments. Last year, Texas and Rick Barnes suffered through a disastrous collapse after the team reached No. 1. In the offseason, Barnes examined everything he believed about basketball and made changes where necessary. K-State's talent level this year is nowhere close to that of Texas last year, and there's no doubt that UT's talent level this year will far exceed that of K-State next year. However, if Frank is going to turn things around from this disastrous season, he's going to have to do a searching evaluation.

It's too early to say Frank is on the clock. But he has a lot of problems to fix.