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K-State Slate: 1.3.11




First Slate of the New Year, wooo!

As you're obviously aware by now, K-State lost to Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl, 36-34.

You may also have heard that there was a controversial celebration penalty called on K-State's Adrian Hilburn toward the end of the Pinstripe Bowl, and that all the "official" sources back the call, while everyone else in the worldthinks it's a joke.  Those officials better watch out: Frank Martin is mad about the call, too.

Adrian Hilburn, I'm sorry that you'll mostly be remembered for a reason you'd rather not be remembered, but congratulations on making a big play in a bowl game.  We don't blame you for this.

The Pinstripe Bowl was cool, but it wouldn't be cool every year.

Jacob Pullen is sorry.

How do Frank Martin, Bill Self and Mike Anderson use a box score to determine how well their teams are playing?  J. Brady McCollough has the answer.

KU has hired Miami's Illinois State's Sheahon Zenger as its new athletic director.  Zenger is a K-State grad and former employee of the K-State athletic department.  Well played, Zenger.  Sabotage the enemy from within.  I like your style.

With just a few bowl games left, VegasCat continues to lead the BOTC Bowl Pick 'Em challenge, but BracketCat is closing fast and has a much higher ceiling.  Meanwhile, me, Panjandrum and KSB are in a dead heat for the honor of not being last among the site's moderators.