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K-State Slate: 1.28.11




Austin Meek and Tully Corcoran had John Gasaway of Basketball Prospectus on their podcast this week. In lieu of the BOTC Podcast, check it out.

On a somewhat unrelated point, Meek observes that HIPAA can be used as a cover for schools when athletes are abused. See, e.g., the situation at Iowa.

Which Big 12 teams will shine on signing day? I'll guess it won't be K-State.

Brad Underwood answers a few questions about how Jacob Pullen defended Jimmer Fredette in the NCAA Tournament last year.

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of the Oklahoma State plane crash. If you have some spare time, don't miss this ESPN article about OSU walk-on guard Nate Fleming, who was killed in the crash. Don't blame me if your room is a dusty at certain points in the article.