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K-State Slate: 1.26.11




Will Spradling had his best game as a Wildcat on Monday against Baylor. He was also roundly praised by Bobby Knight for being the only player on the floor with a recognizable basketball IQ. Also in that link, Rodney McGruder may have suffered a concussion. We can't afford to lose McGruder right now, but you don't mess around with head injuries.

Austin Meek lays out the path to 9-7. I'm not as optimistic as I'd like to be.

The Dagger hates our gray jerseys. That's funny, I liked them, especially the shorts.

As tweeted yesterday by Rock M Nation, there's a throwaway line in this article that would seem to indicate that the Big 12 may have contacted San Diego State regarding expansion. Umm, OK.

For no other reason than the headline, Big 12 Hoops has a very short attention span.

Paul Swaney from Stadium Journey is on a mission to visit and review stadiums and arenas around the country. He made a stop at Bramlage recently, and you can find his review here.