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K-State Slate: 1.24.11




Don't miss good FanPosts by GTCat (looking at the football recruiting class with signing day looming) and Anon_the_Younger (what stats tell us). Remember, if a FanPost gets three or more Recs, it will remain at the top of the list longer so the discussion can continue.

I meant to post this on Friday, but, well, I obviously didn't get around to posting the Slate (work related, again). This is an excellent article from SI's Luke Winn regarding last year's K-State/Xavier classic in the NCAA Tournament.

OK, back to ugly reality. K-State lost a hard-fought game in College Station, Texas, on Saturday. It was a better effort than we've seen in recent losses, but we're past the point of moral victories this season for the Wildcats.

K-State returns home tonight to play another version itself when the Baylor Bears pay a Big Monday visit. I'll have a basketball recap of the Texas A&M and Baylor games later this week.

Thursday of this week marks 10 years since the Oklahoma State plane crash. Bill at Rock M Nation has an excellent set of links to stories remembering the 10 who died that day in an eastern Colorado field. Also, I've always liked Rick Reilly's old column, Flying in the Face of Reason, written a few weeks after the crash.