Heading down the home stretch to signing day

Ok, mostly I'm having one of those nights where I fall asleep fast, then get woke up for whatever reason soon after falling asleep, and now I'm wide awake.  So I'm gonna be dragging tomorrow, even though I initially fell asleep before 10 pm I think on a Sunday night...and that never happens.  Ironically what woke me up was a text from my mom of all people wanting to comment on the fact that Jordy's going to to the Super Bowl.  Anyway, I'm making my rounds on the interwebs of all that is K-state, trying to divert my attention to the disappointment that is of the men's basketball team with any snippets of Football.  Here's what we're seeing

It appears the weekend was good to the 'Cats as we've moved up to 19 commitments from the 17 we plateaued at for some time.  We're starting to sprinkle in some DT and DEs as we go.  At this point I'm coming to grips with the fact that Chris Cosh will more likely than not be our D-Coordinator in 2011.  As disappointing as that is, I'm trying to flip the switch from hater to supporter, because my b*tchin and moaning won't help out the cause one way or another, I just as well get some positive vibes running through me for my own health and well-being.  With that being said, I've decided that I'll have to somewhat support the weak argument that was "well he (Cosh) needed better athletes".  Ok sure, we weren't that talented, but the talent pool from 2009 didn't drop off majorly to 2010 and our total defense went from 39th to 106th. 

So as we begin to look at a certain transfer becoming eligible, the slim possibility of last year's Hutch CC DL commitment Adam Davis making a return, and the new recruits we have lined up for 2011, the bench mark I expect Cosh to meet for 2011 for me not to call for his head again, is to sustain/finish the season with the total defense ranked 49th or better.  Am I setting myself up for failure?  Fine.  If this guy doesn't get demoted/fired before the start of the 2011 season, then this is the expectation I'm holding him to.  In which case, if there should be no excuse retaining the guy post 2011 if that is not achieved.  There shall be no denying that the 2 years of 04 & 05, along with the co-role in 2009, and two following solo seasons would not be enough of a cross section to measure worth/sucess/a place on the sidelines at KSU.

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