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K-State Slate: 1.20.11




Corey Adams will play in the NFLPA game. I can't wait to harangue my friends in a few years when Adams is in the NFL. Did you see the perfect snap on that punt? Yeah, that's a K-State guy.

Bevo TV is now a reality. Texas has announced a deal with ESPN, wherein the Longhorns will make $300 million over 20 years from the new TV station. Since we own Texas, we should get royalties, right?

Frank Martin was on 810's Between the Lines recently. You can listen to the podcast at that link.

Texas hammered Texas A&M last night in Austin. Iowa State was in control against Oklahoma State in Stillwater, but fell apart in the last 90 seconds and lost in overtime. Tough loss for the Mayor.

Are assists unimportant? Well, no, not necessarily. I only linked this because it allows me to make a point. A lot of the fretting about our assists is a direct result of poor shooting nights. As you'll see in the basketball roundup that will be posted later today, K-State has shot atrociously from the field in the games it has lost. When you don't make shots, it's kind of hard to rack up a lot of assists. Of course, that doesn't explain the turnovers...