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K-State Slate: 1.19.11




Haskin has his midweek musings.  This edition features signing day, senior moments, and college basketball.

From the Sporting News, Mike DeCourcy has his three-pointers column.  No, it doesn't mention K-State (and prominently slobbers all over KU), but he makes a point about serenity in the Big East that he applied to K-State on 810's Border Patrol this morning.  With all the turmoil K-State has had involving missed playing time, it's not all that surprising that the team hasn't developed much chemistry.

It's written from a Missouri perspective, but there are some valuable insights into K-State to be gleaned from Bill's Study Hall post wrapping up the K-State/Mizzou game.

K-State may have some historic losing streaks in its past, but let's hope we never get to Clemson's level.  The Tigers are 0-55 in games played at North Carolina.

In the Big 12 last night, Colorado suffered its first league loss in Lincoln, while Oklahoma continued Texas Tech's futility.  There's a big game tonight in Austin, Texas, as Texas A&M takes on the Longhorns.