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K-State Slate: 1.17.11




A few housekeeping notes first.  I apologize for not getting a Slate posted on Friday.  There's a good reason for it, but let's just say it involves my day job, a very early alarm clock and a bit of a drive.

Second, I owe you basketball recaps for the Colorado and Texas Tech games.  I was going to post that yesterday, but ran out of time to work on it.  We'll do a recap that includes the Missouri game tomorrow or Wednesday.

Speaking of Mizzou, K-State travels to Columbia today for an MLK Matinee.  Tipoff is at 4:30 p.m. from Mizzou Arena.  The Tigers are coming off a heartbreaking overtime loss to Texas A&M in College Station.

From Rock M NationKnow Your Wounded Rival.  Bill has an excellent analysis of today's game.  Of course, I hope he's about four points off in his predicted score, but given where we were after last Wednesday night, a three-point loss wouldn't be the worst-case scenario.

Going back to Saturday, Texas Tech ran into an angry bunch of Wildcats.  Before the game, I texted back and forth with Seth of Double T Nation, and he told me to "[e]xpect the worst defense ever."  At halftime, with 52 points on the board for K-State, he asked if he had oversold how terrible Tech's defense was.

Curtis Kelly played well in his return from suspension.  More, please.

Mike Anderson has made comments about officiating a couple times this year.  Mike DeArmond wonders if Anderson will be fined.  I find the whole thing a little ironic.