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K-State Slate: 1.13.11




K-State had trouble with Colorado.  Yeah, that would be the mild way of putting it.

I think "stunned" would be a good way to describe this fanbase after last night's loss.  Lost in our frustration is the fact that Colorado suddenly looks like a team that will challenge for a first-day bye in the Big 12 tournament.  K-State looks like a team that will play in the 8/9 game.

This writer thinks the season is teetering on the edge.  I think it's a little beyond that right now.  The highest aspirations have gone up in smoke now.  If this team gets back on track, it could be an NCAA bubble team.  Or it could lose to Texas Tech, in which case the NIT is the ceiling.

Jacob Pullen doesn't like the NIT.  Jake played a good game last night, but I'm really getting tired of hearing this stuff.  First he was like Michael Vick (he's not), then the conference title still ran through Manhattan (it didn't), and now he hates the NIT (get ready, because that's where we're headed, barring a major turnaround).  Again, Jake played a pretty good game last night and the loss isn't on him by any stretch, but there's no room to talk about anything other than getting the problems fixed right now.

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