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K-State Slate: 1.12.11




Colorado is fresh off a home win over Missouri and will roll into Manhattan tonight to face K-State.  The Wildcats need to contain Alec Burks in this one.  Tipoff is at 8 p.m. CST.

For their part, the Buffaloes are looking for another big victory.

Today begins the daily Leavitt Watch (creative name, I know).  Austin Meek doesn't believe Billy Cosh's decision to transfer from K-State is related to his dad's future as defensive coordinator.  That's bad news.  Meanwhile, Jim Leavitt's attorneys have settled his wrongful termination lawsuit.  That would seem to be good news, assuming that Leavitt is interested in coming back to K-State to be a co-DC with Cosh.  Stay tuned.

Bill Snyder has been honored for his work helping to distribute child identification kits.  That's good, because if he doesn't get a new defensive coordinator, he's not going to be winning any awards for doing his real job.

ESPN and Texas are close to finalizing a deal to create a TV station for UT sports.  It could carry as many as 8-10 men's basketball games and a couple football games.  No solid figures on the dollar value are available in this article.  I'll be very intrigued to hear the financial and logistical (how it works with the conference TV agreements) details.