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K-State Slate: 1.11.11

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K-State announced a new contract for athletic director John Currie yesterday.  Base pay is the same, but new incentives have been added.

The pollsters are having a lot of patience with us right now.  K-State falls to No. 21 in the AP poll after Saturday's loss to Oklahoma State.

If you have a Basketball Prospectus subscription, they have a post about K-State basketball discussing what has happened to K-State this season.

Ty Zimmerman is a freshman All-American.  Congratulations, Ty.

College football is gone for almost nine months.  Goodnight Moon.

Finally, the BOTC Bowl Pick 'Em has been decided.  Ironically, Anon_the_Younger, with a set of picks titled "Dead Last" ended up our winner.  Congrats to Anon.  You win a BOTC soon as we get them made.  Mods, you'll have email later today.  We still owe Sean T a shirt from last year's NCAA Tournament, too.