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K-State Slate: 1.10.11




The headline says it all.  Cats drop foul-fest in Stillwater.  One stat I forgot to mention in yesterday's recap: six assists against 21 turnovers.

For those who made it through the podcast last week, you know that BracketCat was right.  Jean Paul Olukemi killed K-State on Saturday.

I know this was before Saturday's game, but I'm getting tired of talk about winning a championship.  Hell, I'm just getting tired of the talk, period.  Maybe we should focus on winning one game at a time before we talk about winning championships and how everything comes through Manhattan.

Also, call me crazy, but I hope we're more worried about what our rotations are on defense and what we're supposed to be running on offense -- not to mention not dribbling the ball off our own leg and boxing out -- than what antics the crowd is up to.  Yes, I'm in a pissy mood today.  I blame the snow.

Interested in the revenue sources for FBS athletic departments?  Look no further.  The Missourian has you covered.  (H/T Rock M Nation's Bill C....who else?).

It's down to the wire in the BOTC Bowl Pick 'em.  CHITOWN holds a mere three-point lead over BracketCat, with several others within theoretical striking distance.  Meanwhile, it's been a shocking fall from grace for VegasCat, who now languishes in 13th place.  I would like to brag that I am now assured of not finishing last among the site's moderators, so yeah, hooray for me.