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BOTC Fantasy Update: I Wanna Trade!

A few weeks ago, when we had our draft, I picked Curtis Kelly in the Fifth Round. At the time, I was pleased with my decision. Now, I need to make a decision because I can't take two goose eggs in my first two conference games.

So, to make it a more even switch, I'm going to request a trade from the rest of the editorial staff...

I want to officially trade Curtis Kelly for Wally Judge.

I'm doing this for two reasons. First, I think Wally is starting to come around. His numbers the last two games have been really, really strong. Second, like Frank, I want to give this kid a boost of confidence because, in my opinion, he's the X-Factor we need to step up if we're going to make a run at turning the season around and still contending for all of the preseason accolades that were bestowed on this team.

Therefore, staff, I want to make my trade. What say you? Can I swap out CK for Wally?