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K-State Slate: 9.7.10



There was some discussion in the Postgame Reaction thread about whether there really was much to like about K-State's defensive effort on Saturday.  It's true they weren't dominant, or even close to it, and they were aided by a case of the dropsies that struck Bruin receivers, but they did make plays when it counted.  I'm not going to go quite so far as to say they made a statement, however, unless that statement was "we should be able to hold our own this season, but won't be dominant."

K-State used its power running game to get past UCLA on Saturday.  Get used to it, fans, it will probably be the theme this season.

It wasn't Carson Coffman's best day on Saturday, either between the lines or outside them.  He estimates he vomited 10 times and needed an IV in the locker room to make it back to the field.

I'm not very good at doing grades by position group, so thank goodness K-State fans have Austin Meek to hand out a report card instead.

Every week, the Topeka Capitol-Journal asks three questions heading into K-State's game.  After the game, they get three answers.

Has the Big 12 morphed back into the old smashmouth Big 8?  Two-hundred-yard rushers Daniel Thomas, Kendall Hunter and DeMarco Murray may have you thinking that.

In non-UCLA-game news, K-State will keep the Miami game on the 2011 schedule.  Oh JLew, where are you?


Was Saturday's loss to North Dakota State the worst loss in KU's long and illustrious football history?  I don't know, but 1995 and 2002 K-State may have something to say about that.

Going along with the previous entry, you'll like the first picture in this link (unless you're a KU fan who happened upon this site).

I asked this question on Facebook and Twitter last night, and Peter takes a much deeper look at it: What's your beef with Boise State?  While tracking my Facebook and Twitter feeds during the Boise State win over Virginia Tech last night, it's clear that a LOT of people who really shouldn't care about Boise State absolutely despise the Broncos.  I agree with Peter: I don't get it.  I'll admit that a good friend of mine asked an incisive question of me on Facebook: How would I feel about an undefeated Boise State team making the national title game if K-State won the Big 12 with one loss?

Horrible tragedy for Wyoming this weekend, as freshman linebacker Ruben Narcisse was killed when one of his teammates fell asleep at the wheel.  The driver and two others were also injured.  Awful, awful news.