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K-State Slate: 9.30.10




The Big 12's new nine-game schedule will be released today.  Feel free to post it in a FanShot when it's released, and we will bump it to the front page.

Tight end Andre McDonald keeps things light in practice.  As long he keeps making catches like the third-down, drive extending catch he had against UCF, I couldn't care less what he does in practice.

It just keeps getting better.  Turner Gill, in his never-ending quest to destroy recruiting at KU, also has a provision in his players' manual that forbids players from being at the residence of a girl or having a girl at their residence after 10 p.m.  On ANY night.  Gill really is doing everything he can to turn KU into Baylor.

Finally, a worthwhile read on the state of the collegiate athletics' arms race from Cal site California Golden Blogs.  If you haven't heard, Cal is cutting five sports, including baseball, because of budget problems.  (H/T RMN).