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K-State Slate: 9.3.10


We have now seen actual football.  It's not a mirage, folks.  It really is upon us.


It's been said many times, many ways, opening against UCLA will be a statement game, one way or the other.  Either we can come out of the gate and show that real improvement has been shown, or we can drop a home game right off the bat.  Just remember, a loss doesn't destroy the season.

Carson Coffman is our quarterback.  For now.  But maybe not for long, if he's not up to the task.

As BracketCat mentioned in the position preview, and I noted somewhat on the Bruins Nation podcast on Wednesday, there's a youth movement on the depth chart at linebacker.  We will be holding our breath to see what kind of production we are going to get from the backers this year.


Iowa State got the Big 12 off on the right foot last night, defeating Northern Illinois, 27-10.  It looked like the Clones would coast to an easy victory when they jumped to a 17-0 halftime lead, but things stalled in the second half and NIU pulled to within a touchdown at 17-10.  Obviously, Iowa State answered and sealed the win.  Through one game against competition of unknown quality, Iowa State looks like a slightly better version of what they were last year: tough and disciplined, if not especially explosive.  They're not going to be an easy out for anyone.

Finally, if you read nothing else on these links today, read this piece from EDSBS.  Depending on your station in life, the room may get a little dusty around you.