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K-State Slate: 9.24.10




Today is a better news day...


While I never considered the UCF game a sure win, the more I read about it, the more concerned I become.  It's a big school in a heavily populated state, which is always a recipe for having at least a few good players.  Getting a win over UCF will require a solid effort.

I found this headline entertaining.  It reminded me of another one: seven years ago this football season, K-State beat KU, 64-0.

It's been mentioned on here a few times, but K-State's offensive line is a huge part of Daniel Thomas' success this season.  Don't take that for granted.

If you're headed to Manhattan from the west, beware, K-18 is going to be a cluster this weekend.  Far be it for me to criticize the decisions of a state agency, but...really, KDOT?  I mean, seriously?  There are nine months in a year when K-State does not have home football games, and you plan major construction that closes two lanes on the primary route into Manhattan from the west right in the middle of one of those months?  Here's a quick tip about Manhattan.  During the summer months, there are 15-20,000 fewer residents of Manhattan, and there are no major sporting events during which thousands of people migrate into the city.  Those would be much better months for major construction.

The player with the best name on K-State's defense is working into a bigger role with the team.


Bracket posted this yesterday, but I'm reposting it to offer this one comment: it's getting comical how many times KU does something illegal and then claims "Oh gosh, we're so sorry, we had no idea that was against the rules!"

Rock M Nation's caption contests are a riot.  My favorite for this one is undoubtedly this comment.