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K-State Slate: 9.2.10


If you missed it last night, check out my appearance on Bruins Nation's podcast last night.  Good discussion of the Wildcats this season with the guys over there.


Bill Snyder says they won't count carries with Daniel Thomas, but that doesn't mean they don't want to take pressure off him with the passing game.  Good to know.

Also, Daniel Thomas is the workhorse of this team, but Bill Snyder would like to take the pressure off him with the passing game.  Good to know.


For those of you skeptical of BYU's ability to make it as an independent, word came out yesterday that they have received an eight-year contract with ESPN for its home games.  Two things I didn't mention yesterday when discussing this issue as it pertains to Texas.  First, Texas has a snag as far as where its non-revenue sports would play.  It would be impossible to schedule a full season for those programs without a conference, and I kind of doubt the Big 12, SEC, or any other major conference is going to take on UT's non-football sports without, you know, football.  I also don't think UT's going to relegate its other programs to Conference USA or the Mountain West.  Second, UT has a lot of hangers-on within its own state, as we found out this summer during conference realignment.  It's still an open question whether UT can really do anything it wants to do.

And remember: football returns tonight.  We have been delivered from the desert of the offeseason.