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K-State Slate: 9.17.10


Unfortunately, this will be pretty short, so if I miss something of interest, share it in the comments.


Farewell to Farmageddon?  Yes, please.  I don't have a problem with playing in Arrowhead occasionally, but let's do it when we can get a big-name opponent there for a true money game, not a little $1 million guarantee that moves a conference game against a non-rival off campus.  I find it interesting that the organizers were disappointed in the attendance.  The game is not part of either school's season-ticket package, and while the season-ticket package would be more expensive with the game included, it probably wouldn't have cut season ticket sales by much, and once the ticket is already in someone's hands, my feeling is it's more likely to be used.  Maybe that would have pushed attendance north of the 50,000 mark, maybe not, but it's at least a thought.  At $40 for a ticket and $25 to park, you're talking quite a bit of money just to get to this game.

Carson Coffman is hoping he actually gets to play this time at Arrowhead.

Former K-State assistant Bobby Elliott has overcome a lot and is now coaching defensive backs at Iowa State.


As mentioned in yesterday's comment thread, K-State beat KU in four sets on Wednesday in the Big 12 Conference opener for both teams.  I don't have time to look it up now, but I believe KU has only beat K-State in volleyball once in the last eight years or something.


In the wake of Chris Rainey's "Time to die" text message stalking incident thing, Tennessee fans have made t-shirts for this weekend's game with Florida that read, you guessed it, "Time to Die."