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Farmageddon: 1 Day

There are a lot of folks out there who want to poke fun at Farmageddon.  I can see their point.

  • Is it a completely manufactured rivalry concocted by people trying to make a quick buck?  Yes.
  • Are the schools even remotely 'rivals'?  No.
  • Can a game between these two teams generate enough interest to fill an NFL stadium even under the best circumstances?  Hell no.
  • Will there be more empty seats than occupied ones?  Maybe.
  • Does a game like this deserve a moniker as ridiculous as "Farmageddon"?  Absolutely.

But for everyone poking fun at this game, I have only one retort.

Suck it, city folk.  Country girls put out.  Mainly because there's nothing else better to do, but whatever.