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K-State Slate: 9.15.10



Bill Snyder, stand-up comic.

Kevin Haskin brings his musings for the week, including the odd twists and turns that were K-State's and KU's games against FCS opponents.

Some of us, Panjandrum in particular, have been critical of Chris Cosh's conservative approach to defense.  Paul Rhoads has noticed.

Yeah, Daniel Thomas is pretty good at totin' the rock.


Sending a girl a text message that says "Time to die" is probably not a good idea.  Unless you were wanting to go to dinner and meant to type "Time to dine" and just missed the "n."  Unfortunately for Chris Rainey, his prior conduct indicates that wasn't the case.

Reggie Bush is giving up his Heisman Trophy.  I wonder if Jason White will ever give Darren Sproles the one he deserved.