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K-State Slate: 9.13.10


Kind of a slow day for a Monday following a game.  I checked the K-State Collegian for a story on the panel discussion from last Friday, but it doesn't look like they have a story on it.  Was good to meet BOTC readers wabasher and Sean T after the talk.


In his postgame story, Austin Meek sums up the feeling that a lot of us had after K-State 48-24 win over Missouri State on Saturday:

If UCLA showed the Wildcats what they can be, Missouri State showed them where they must improve.

Don't miss K-State's report card and three answers.

I thought this was kind of an odd article.  The headline is "K-State QB Coffman shines," but inside there are quotes from Bill Snyder saying he "wasn't unhappy" with Coffman's performance and Coffman himself saying the game didn't go as he had planned.  Good numbers aside, I'm not sure I'd say Coffman shined on Saturday, but they probably couldn't fit "K-State QB Coffman puts up big numbers but still made some poor throws and questionable decisions."

The buzz in the stadium on Missouri State's first possession was that Emmanuel Lamur did not start at safety, with Ty Zimmerman taking the field in his place.  I didn't really notice Zimmerman one way or the other, suggesting he wasn't a playmaker, but also that he didn't make any big mistakes, either.  Sounds like Lamur isn't hurt too badly.


In case you were wondering how the hearing in K-State's lawsuit against Ron Prince went on Friday, Meek has a summary.  Let's hope it includes summary judgment!  /badlegaljoke