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K-State Slate: 9.10.10

Busy morning for me, so this will be fairly short.  As a reminder, if you're a K-State student or otherwise live in Manhattan and are interested, swing by Umberger Hall 105 today at 11:30 a.m. for a panel discussion of the media's coverage of conference realignment this summer.  I will join Tim Fitzgerald of Powercat Illustrated/ and Austin Meek of theTopeka Capital-Journal on the panel.


We all discussed our thoughts on Daniel Thomas' "chances" at the Heisman Trophy here at BOTC this week, but Austin Meek goes into greater detail on why he is, at best, a very long shot.  Not the least of which is the fact that his season last year (1,265 yards, etc.) was merely very good, not great.  If he replicates his performance in the opener a few times this season, he may take that next step, but right now he's very unlikely even to be considered.

Meek also opens the notebook to close out the week.  I just have one reaction.  What's up with our first two opponents packing all this heat?

All the credit in the world to Carson Coffman for directing K-State to the win, but 66 yards on 11 completions just doesn't qualify as very good.  It was windy, he was sick, and we were playing a pretty solid opponent for an opener.    I don't have a problem with waiting to see if he improves, but right now it looks like we have solid receivers who we can't get the ball to consistently.

Just like the Oregon series, K-State and Virginia Tech have mutually agreed to cancel their upcoming home-and-hom series without financial penalty.  So don't be surprised when K-State and Snyder get ripped for this by the all-knowing national pundits and your Jayhawk neighbor who knows more about running an athletic department than John Currie and Bill Snyder.  While I want to see games like this, I don't want to see a non-conference slate that includes Virginia Tech, Miami and Auburn in the same year.  That would be just a tad much.

K-State kicker Anthony Cantele started as a soccer Missouri State.  Oh, the irony.