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K-State Slate: 9/1/10


In case you missed it yesterday, the official depth chart has been released.


With the release of the depth chart, a big hunk of steak has been thrown to hungry reporters and bloggers alike, and they've pounced on it with analysis.

Carson Coffman is not only our starting quarterback, but our lead practical joker.  Given his apparent Photoshop skills, maybe we need to contact him about contributing to this site.


Ahearn Fieldhouse got a few seating upgrades.

Just in case you haven't had enough conference realignment, here is an excellent article from the Omaha World-Herald detailing Nebraska's move from Big 12 stalwart to Big 10 newcomer.

Oh, and one more on conference realignment: BYU is officially leaving the Mountain West.  It may behoove us to hope this move fails, because Texas will probably be watching the move to independence with great interest.