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K-State Slate: 8.30.10


A short Slate today as I overslept...

KSU moves past money troubles: I'm not sure I'd quite say that we've moved past our money troubles, because there's still the small matter of KSU v. Prince and IPP, but the record Ahearn Fund donations are a welcome sign.

As mentioned, the men's basketball schedule has been completed.  It's now live on the athletic department's Web site.

Unfortunately, but probably expectedly, the K-State volleyball team went 0-3 in its trip to Hawaii.  Next action is at home Wednesday against South Dakota.

Early in the summer, it seemed like every preseason prediction had the Cats pegged for 5th or 6th in the North, and a bottom 30 or 40 team nationally.  Now, some of the later prognosticators are coming around on the Wildcats.