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K-State Slate: 8.27.10



Cats need bowl bid, TCJ (Austin Meek).  K-State's best newspaper beatwriter predicts another 6-6 season for the Cats this year, good enough for a bowl bid.  Stay tuned to BOTC next week for our preseason roundtable, wherein we'll address our season prognostications.  You may then catch the next flight to Vegas to place your bets based on the information we give you.  /wouldbeabaddecisiononyourpart

Banged-up Bruins lose some bite, TCJ (Meek).  Good summary of all the injuries UCLA has suffered during the preseason.  Of course, we probably shouldn't assume that K-State hasn't had its share, too.  We'll find out when the team takes the field 9/4, and not a moment sooner.

Low-tier bowl best bets, TCJ (Kevin Haskin).  It's looking like a season of bottom-of-the-barrel bowls for K-State and KU, so Haskin examines the best of the bowls suitable for the 6-6 bunch.  I won't spoil the ending, but he sort of gets off track from the original point of the post.

K-State Take Two, TCJ.  Two players, two games, and two issues facing the Cats this year.


Wildcats open season in Hawaii, Manhattan Mercury, (Britton Drown).  Football's not the only program at K-State that opens against UCLA.  Unfortunately, the volleyball Bruins look significantly better than the football Bruins, and this one is a long way from a home game. 


It wasn't a good day for Missouri fans.  Starting running back Derrick Washington has been suspended indefinitely after being accused of sexual assault by a young woman in Columbia.  Prosecutors haven't charged Washington yet, so we'll see what happens when or if that comes to pass.

Under the category of "posts that I thought would become very entertaining" falls Corn Nation's interview with Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday regarding Hall's decision not to rank Nebraska in his preseason Blogpoll.  Such treachery will not be tolerated in the Cornhusker State!  However, the comments have been fairly tame.  Perhaps we should link Hall's ballot on all the Husker fan sites to which my Guide to Nebraska Fans was linked.  Then, perhaps, the result would be a little more as I expected.