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K-State Slate: 8.25.10


Once again, just about nothing out there.  Which is probably a good thing, because other demands are cutting into my time this morning.


Big 12 Schedules, Tulsa World (Guerin Emig).  The TW ranks the Big 12's non-conference schedules.  K-State comes in at 10th, ahead of only Texas A&M and Missouri.

Big 12 Countdown: Kansas State continues rebuilding act, Fort Worth Star Telegram (Dwain Price).  Not a lot that we don't already know, but a nice look at the program from Funkytown.


K-State volleyball looks to youth, TCJ (Justin Nutter).  The Wildcats are coming off a tough season, only have two seniors, and are picked to finish 10th in the Big 12.  I hope for the best for Coach Fritz, but it's looking like another tough season in the south corner of Ahearn.


Nebraska comes full circle, quarterback willing, Dr. Saturday.  The doctor believes that Nebraska is a mere quarterback away from winning the Big 12.  I don't quite share that assessment, and I also found the following line a little interesting:

The 'Huskers probably wouldn't be harboring top-10 ambitions if not for the old-school, 33-0 thumping they put on Arizona in the Holiday Bowl, a genuine beatdown that featured an actual power-running game from Nebraska behind an offensive line that brings back four of five starters.

I think it's been fairly well established that you shouldn't read too much into the results of a bowl game.  Nebraska is the favorite to win the North, but I don't see it as being by as wide of a margin as some believe.

The Fourum

After living in Europe for 5 years, it's going to be funny to see all the people fail in the new round-a-bout.

Sorry to disappoint you, but Scooter Girl graduated.

Sorry to disappoint all of you, but the "new" Fourum does not appear to be getting the depth and breadth of comments that the "old" Fourum got.  Perhaps as people finally start to figure out where it is and the Collegian's opinion columnists really get cranking -- who is this year's Beth MenPersondenhall?! -- the students will start to bring a little more funny.