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K-State Slate: 8.24.10


So of course, as soon as we decide to bring back the Slate, the headlines dry up on the second day.  Ahh, the hazards of following a team with closed practices.


Clements believes defense can be better, The Mercury, (Cole Manbeck).  The defense seems to have a lot of pieces and few guarantees.  But Coach Joe Bob is optimistic, so dammit, I am too.

100 thoughts on the college football season, SB Nation, (Spencer Hall).  This is not new, but with so few headlines today, I'm being forced to reach back into the vault for things you may not have seen.


File this under "things you always wondered about."  A band dude demonstrates how to clap to KU's fight song.  I really can't explain it better than that.

The Fourum

I must say, it's very disappointing that the Fourum's number is now 785.236.8404.  It's just not the same as when it was "4444."  Hence, Fourum.  You know, the reason we misspelled it in the first place.  Damn you Collegian class of 2009-10 for ruining the Fourum!!!

If you're walking around with your schedule in your hand, we obviously know you're a freshman.  Don't try to hide it, we always know.

Seriously!?  Dude sitting in Union Station playing World of Warcraft, even in public you don't have a life.

Since when did the 4th floor of hale become American Idol?  I'm Simon and you guys are just horrible.

My responses:

I think I walked around with my schedule in hand the first day of class for four years.  So I looked like a freshman for four years.

No commentary need be added.  That guy just got pwned by the Fourum.

Since when did singing in a library become socially acceptable?