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Are You Ready for Some Football?

OK, I think that's enough down time.

This summer has been a needed respite for me and my fellow blog-runners here at Bring On The Cats, but with kickoff less than two weeks away, it's time to shift this bad boy back into high gear.

A few interesting tidbits leaked out of Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday. Among them:

  • RT Clyde Aufner, a returning starter, might or might not miss the season with a leg injury. Also, C Wade Weibert was held out with a tweaked hip, but that's thought just to be precautionary.
  • RB William Powell and DT Raphael Guidry were not present at Saturday's practice, although it's not known if they are injured, off the team or simply absent for some minor reason.
  • DE Brandon Harold and LB Jarell Childs both practiced with casts on their hands, but neither injury is thought to be serious enough for them to miss any time. Harold told people he hoped to have the cast off by the UCLA game.
  • QB Carson Coffman appears to have all but secured the starting job and supposedly looks much better throwing the ball than this time last season, carrying through his performance from the spring game.
  • The real surprise is that QB Sammuel Lamur apparently has blown right past Collin Klein for the right to be the backup. Most fans in attendance said Klein looked pretty bad, and there's also talk his leg and shoulder might be injured. Meanwhile, Lamur seems to have improved since we last saw him in the spring game.

So what does all this mean? Well, check back tomorrow as I start breaking down the team by position groups and projecting the starting depth chart. POSITION PREVIEWS will commence Monday with the running backs — probably the easiest position group to project,

It's almost September. Hang in there...