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K-State Link Update

The Doctor on arms races.  Dr. Saturday takes a look at the K-State quarterback race, always an intriguing topic with Bill Snyder as head coach.  Hinton draws the (probably correct) conclusion that Carson Coffman will begin the year as starter, but I tend to believe that Collin Klein is the player to watch.  Based on Kitchen's observation of Sammuel Lamur's spring game performance, I will be very surprised if he's in the mix at all by September.

Brown wants out.  Bryce Brown wants to transfer from Tennessee to K-State, but current Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley may not release him from his scholarship.  It's a he-said, she-said pissing contest on both sides, as Dooley claims Brown hasn't met with him face-to-face to ask for a release, whereas the Brown family claims the meeting has occurred and Dooley is jerking the sophomore-to-be around.  More thoughts on this topic to come later this week.

K-State v. Ron Prince/IPP.  We're starting to see some movement in this case, as the depositions of Prince, Bob Krause, Jim Epps, Bob Cavello and Jon Wefald (among others) have been taken, and at least parts of them are being released to the general public.  Epps and Cavello claim they knew nothing of the "Memorandum of Understanding" that constituted Prince's "secret agreement."  In a lawsuit with his former agent, Barry Terranova, Prince produced only the standard employment agreement, not the MOU, in response to discovery requesting all his employment contracts.  In news that would be comical if it didn't border on disturbing, Krause offered to insure his life with Prince as the beneficiary if Prince would disavow the MOU.  Prince claims his contract was fully guaranteed, and seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a contract is.  And a group of experts believe K-State has a tough road ahead in this case.

I wouldn't expect to hear much more on this until either the case goes to trial or a settlement is announced.  Both parties have moved for summary judgment, but I'd be surprised if either of those motions are granted.  Settlement or trial is almost assuredly the direction this case is headed.