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The Big 12 Lives; We Gettin' Paid

According to pretty much every news outlet that can report it, the Big 12 lives. Not only that, but we gettin' paid.

The Kansas City Star reported Sunday that a new television contract being touted by Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe could produce "significantly more" than $17 million for each of the 10 remaining Big 12 schools and possibly upwards of $20 million per school. The league would also divide departure penalties of around $20 million withheld from Colorado and Nebraska to the remaining Big 12 members.

As an added bonus, Kansas City gets to have the Big 12 Basketball Tournament until 2014. Hells yeah.

Forget everything I said about going to the Big East and getting away from Texas. Screw that. Give me Texas. I want that money.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy. The Big 12 lives, we're all getting rich, and Colorado and Nebraska, you can cut those buyout checks to "The Big 12 Conference". We have a practice facility to build for Frank.