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Quick Links (05/15/10)

Sorry I've been rather sparse recently. My hometown got smacked by a tornado Monday and it's been slightly crazy here ever since.

As a manner of apology, here's a quick wrap-up of some stuff that happened this weekend in K-State land:

K-State rallies for 5-4 win at KU: Kansas State handed Kansas starter T.J. Walz his first home loss since 2008, and in so doing, finally figured out how to win on the road. Way to go, Bat Cats — sweep the dirty birds!

Wiggins family funds endowed scholarship: That's awesome. Wish I had that kind of money to donate to my alma mater... And God bless George Wiggins for his service and his sacrifice.

Wildcat student-athletes earn degrees: What a great picture. That's what it's all about, folks. How can you not feel delighted for those two young men...?

K-State Sports Extra | Colon's big day: ...especially after reading this article? Go do great things, Big Lu.